Jamorama Review

October 17, 2008 by  
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The Jamorama online guitar course comes with 4 very good eBooks, two fun educational games and access to the online  Jamorama forum. With Jamorama, you not only get the main eBook, but also 148 video with exercises etc, one of the nicest features of the video is that it has multiple zoom points so while you see him playing the guitar there is a smaller picture-in-picture of how his fingers are positioned. All very well done and they even teach you how to figure out songs by listening to them.

Other than the video, the other thing that really sets it apart are the jam tracks. After you learn a specific set of chords, there are CD’s with jam tracks so you can play along. No need to practice on your own anymore, just play one of the tracks  and you can play along like you’re part of an actual band.

I  highly recommend this product because I have tried it and found that it took my guitar playing to a higher level.

Company‘Jamorama’ by Ben Edwards
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