How to Play the Acoustic Guitar

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Here are the basics and chords you will need to learn if you want o know how to play the acoustic guitar. Start from the beginning and then slowly move onto chords and eventually on to the easy acoustic guitar songs.

Acoustic Guitar Basics:

#1: Types of Acoustic Guitar
#2: Parts of an Acoustic Guitar
#3: Notes on the guitar
#4: Tuning your guitar
#5: Styles of picking
#6: The Slide
#7: The Hammer On
#8: The Pull-Off
#9: The Bend

Acoustic Guitar Chords (Major):

Open Chords
The C Major Chord

The E Major Chord
The A Major Chord
The G Major Chord
The D Major Chord

Acoustic Guitar Chords (Minor):

The E Minor Chord
The A Minor Chord
The D Minor Chord

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