Learning to play the Acoustic Guitar

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On this site you will find free basic guitar lessons, chords and easy acoustic songs to help you learn the acoustic guitar. I started up this blog in September 2008 because after learning the acoustic guitar and playing it for two years I wanted to write some of the basics and help others learn the acoustic guitar like I did. I do have to mention that after being taught some of the absolute basics, I actually learned to play the guitar entirely from lessons online and a great course that I bough.

If you are new to the guitar then I suggest first that you learn the basics, like the parts of the guitar and then move onto to basic techniques like the hammer-on and pull off etc. Once you learn all the open chords and can play them and switch between them easily then you can try out some easy guitar songs. Learning the guitar is hard work but once you have its absolutely fantastic. I hope you find the information on this site useful and as time goes on Ill be adding more lessons and more songs to help you learn acoustic guitar.

learning the acoustic guitar

Once you have seen and understood the basics that i have on this site and you really want to take it a step further then i recommend you work your way up to the intermediate and advanced lessons through a structured course. You can try the one i used which took me from a scratchy player getting confused and frustrated with all the “free” advanced lessons out there. You can check out the Jamorama review i wrote and see if that program works out for you.

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